About Me…

I’m a really shy person, and an introvert. Like to spend long hours by myself… Need a lot of space and am one of those who tend to feel lonely in a crowd. I do open up to friends though, and love to debate and discuss on topics ranging from the Indo-US nuclear deal, to the front cover of the latest Filmfare mag! Am into writing and the big day in my life would be when I see my very own published work being sold in a book store!


12 Responses to “About Me…”

  1. don forget to invite me when u publish ur work .. would surely come n take ur autograph…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Let me know if you’re ever at a party that I’m also attending! We’ll be observers together!

  3. wow! read some of your poetry.. its really good

  4. Success follows you when it will become your obsession.
    Best of luck 4 tat…m sure u ll get it working one day..
    waiting 4 tat day..:P

  5. @ Nups :- LOL maybe we can have a joint book launching or somthing.. and we can swap autographs!!

    @ Beth :- Yeah, that would be quite interesting! Maybe, we’d agree to disagree on what we observe! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Avada Kedavra :- Thank you for your kind words.. Glad you liked what you saw!

    @ Baljinder Singh :- Wise words there, friend, which happen to be spot on! Thanks for wishing me luck… hope that day comes soon enough, eh?!

  6. Thank you very much, your comment was way too kind. That is probably the best description of my “style” that I have ever read because I am not sure I know how to describe it. It just came naturally to me to write that way. Not many people enjoy that style of writing these days, perhaps they just don’t understand what I’m doing, I don’t know.

    I found you on Autumn Green’s page. You both had poems written to that Blue Rain prompt, still not sure what that page is exactly. I have never ben very good at writing to prompts or for contests. I usually just find something I’ve already written that fits.

    I will add you to my blogroll also. I like your style also, I thought your Blue Rain poem was excellently done. I am a fan of shorter poems that express more than the body of work. Brevity is key to me and I believe imagery should be just as succinct. It is the soul of the poem

    Again thank you very much, the pleasure is mine. It’s always inspiring to “stumble” on a poet who is as original in their “voice”


  7. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ .. its an honour!
    …Its’ always inspiring to read poetry such as yours, they tend to boost the muse, and bring along a pristine element of clairvoyance…

  8. Thanks for becoming a regular reader. I enjoy your comments.

  9. wanderingwonderer Says:

    I found you through The Self Love Project, I believe.
    I love your work and will add you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind. I will definitely be back to read more. =)

    ~Kristin Nichole

  10. The Dark Lord Says:

    Of course, its an honour! I’m adding you to my blogroll too..

  11. Heartbroken princess Says:

    Wish you all the very best for your future… May lady luck and success go hand in hand for you….

  12. Oh where oh where has my dark lord gone to? Oh where oh were can he beeeeeee? Hope all is going well with you, DL. =)

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