To see the mighty skies through the translucence of one modest marble

Held firmly betwixt trembling fingers caked with dirt

A bottled shrine of fearful ambitions lest they recline in labyrinthine alleys of the night

Sparkle of glinting gold, that courts the startling charisma of hope…

Will it fade as fleeting dreams of impecunious lives?

Or will an epitaph be etched in ink of everlasting glory?


(Its been more than a year. Missed writing. A very happy new year to all my friends here in wonderful blogland.)


11 Responses to “Charisma”

  1. 🙂 Hi D.L ~~ So nice to see you back. I hope all is fine with you.

    A nice poem here, I do believe that those ambitions should be held tightly. Many, many, will want to stiffle them for a person through discouragement.

    Resist, flee!

  2. In contrast to the beautiful sunshine of the mighty sun and the dazzled stars blessed by the peaceful moon, once again my dear, you bring forth another artistic piece of literature, to be praised by the true lovers of this marvellous field with the boundless gardens of learning… ^_^
    Good to have you back in blogland, dear Dark Lord…. =) =)

  3. Great words. Atmospheric. And it’s good to see you again.

  4. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Jim : You can’t know how good it is to see you reading and commenting on my work, just like old times! Thank you for taking out time. This time I hope to be regular…

    @ Princess : Thanks for the kind words and appreciation.

  5. Haven’t been writing much either, welcome back. “To see…through the translucence of one modest marble”. Indeed, very nice.

  6. perfect line – ‘the startling charisma of hope’… this beauty!

  7. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Anthony North : Thanks, for dropping by…. 🙂

    @ Loch rob : Thanks for the visit and the kinf comment.

    @ 4joy : Glad you enjoyed what you read.. 🙂

  8. Beautiful DL. I vote for plan B, “an epitaph be etched in ink of everlasting glory”… =)

    It’s been a long time. I hope all is well with you and yours.

  9. Absolutely beautiful….

  10. A beautiful poem after a long time I have read.

  11. Sunetra MalikS Says:

    The masterpiece till date….”translucence of modest marble”, “labyrinthine alleys of the night,” “fleeting dreams” are marvellous with their effects of visualisation and beauty!! D.L., want more pieces to be posted in the blog asap!!!…in waiting..

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