I resisted when you wanted change
Unswayed I was, by the promise of new
So, holding on to the things of old
I lost you along the way..

Years went by, and change I did
Steered by the changing times
And through seasons of the old and new,
I missed you by my side..

Trudging along, down the cobbled streets
A slight limp in the aged feet
Pushed aside by the youth of new
I saw you walking by..

So here it was after eons had past
The beating of a deadened heart
The glory of an age old love
And we walked on, side by side..



13 Responses to “Change”

  1. I love the ending. A beautiful poem.

  2. So great to get another post from you… A very fitting poem to this new year, and what lovely imagery to usher it in… 2012 is supposed to be all about change!! Looks like you caught the wave early and will have a great ride!

  3. reunited… and it feels so good…


    sad that they lost so much time in between, though….

    Nice poem, DL.

    & Happy 2012!

  4. Wonderful thoughts…

  5. Awesome writing…..:)

  6. Heartbroken princess Says:

    Very Sweet:)

  7. Nice write, D.L. It reads good too.

    When we are young we often don’t appreciate the good that we have. Later in life we wish we could have it back. It seems as if you poet and mate were a perfect fit when they had mellowed.

    Have been missing your poems, I even had missed this one. Sorry about that, I do hope you will find time and reason to write some more.

  8. It’s been a long time friend, and you still have that same charming disposition along with fluid and metaphoric poetic prose style. Those last lines tell of karma when friends once parted and then are reunited. It could possibly refer to someone you may know, but I won’t mention any names.

    Another thought is that I like when old becomes new, as if stepping through some mysterious portal. I can always read into depth with your writing, Dark Lord, and look for me to come back often since we have reconnected.

    You haven’t lost your touch either, such as me.

  9. AS always you write to my heart, and life continues…I missed you!

  10. very nice poem. Lines are very touchy.

  11. Sunetra Malik Says:

    One of the second best is “Change”…it’s so true to the meaning…and speaks a lot about bonding and emotions!!!

  12. How well written..
    I guess even everything around changes, the bigger change takes within us..
    So the eyes through which we see everything else changes..

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