A few spoken words..

As the months and years fly by, and I make the transition from a student to an office employee, and the gaps between my successive blog posts get inceasingly longer I feel I fumble for words, not for lack of any, but for the torrential deluge of words, fragments, phrases, sentences, even gigantic essays, and more. The images that engender such, get more varied, confusing, blurry, at times even conflicting. Often, the chequered shades have even surpassed vocabulary.
A few days back I celebrated my 24th birthday which, like many times before, remained witness to a lot of resolutions. One, relevant to this blog, was to write more and I truely hope I’ll be able to honour that, at least for some time! Here’s a short poetic attempt, in response to the One Single Impression weekly prompt, after a really, really long time!

In the silence of day
I walk you through my wheat field
Where spoken words mean so less
And you convey through expressive eyes
That glow with candour
At the golden harvest


21 Responses to “A few spoken words..”

  1. Welcome back, D. L. As usual it is not a bit evident that you have to hunt for words. Here as always you have found the ones that make the perfect fit.
    I like the way you tied the ‘wheat’ field to the harvest in the fifth line. And how the ‘Golden Harvest’ tied with the spoken words and the expressive eyes.
    Thank you for popping in last week. I didn’t get to return to here.
    I do hope you are liking your field of work. Work can be fun when it is doing something that you enjoy.

  2. April B. (The Little Writer That Could) Says:

    This had such a great feel to it… Slow and meandering, soaked with atmosphere. Beautiful play of “wheat / glow / golden / harvest… ”

    (I’m on a sabbatical from my blog – doing some soul searching and as you wrote so poignantly, am also fumbling for words these days. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and thanks for checking in with my Little Writer blog!)


  3. The Dark Lord Says:

    Nice, as always, to see you read my work, and I feel you’re too kind in your assessment. 🙂
    Always a pleasure reading your work, whenever I think of blogging, yours’ is the one that usually pops up early in my mind.
    Work is good, but hectic. Requires descipline (like avoiding late night drinking binges), which I find rather difficult to maintain. 😀

  4. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ April B :- Thanks for the stop by. But no, I couldn’t check in on your blog as its unavailable! I wish I could, and I hope you write again, soon.
    And no, I don’t think you’d have to fumble for words, ‘as you so poignantly said’! 🙂

  5. Lisa at Greenbow Says:

    Life sometimes gets in the way of more pleasurable pursuits.
    The words you have gathered here are worth the effort.
    Don’t forget to enjoy life.

  6. Welcome back to writing~

    I like the subtlety of your words.. and there are some things that need not be said with words.

  7. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Lisa :- Wise words. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Grace :- Thank you, for the appreciation. 🙂

  8. beautiful…
    love the word tour.

  9. The Dark Lord Says:

    Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  10. I love this one. It just flows!

  11. sstunning as all your writing always is…always, I missed you
    ps, when I feel like writing and nothing comes except time, I open the dictionnary put my finger on a word and see what it says to me, rarely works, but it’s fun 🙂

  12. Welcome back. Hope you stay around. Lovely expressive poem. I can almost see your fields of golden wheat. Nice write.


  13. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Shail :- Thanks for dropping by!

    @ Lorraine :- Thank you! 🙂 Always nice to see you around.

    @ Cassiopeia :- Thank you, for the nice comment. 🙂

  14. love the poem… the “glow” and “golden” flowed nicely together…

    and, so glad to see you posting… I know how it is. I go in spurts too. I have been writing more without sharing it… just journalling, which I find helpful… but, am trying now to get back into posting some poems again too…

  15. I always loved ur writings, but you need to find more words…

  16. I pasted on here from Charles Award..and thought I’d comment on your excellent poetry writing!

  17. Heartbroken princess Says:


  18. The fewest words, sometimes, give the grandest thoughts. Your gift of conveyance and clairvoyance seem to come out and grab your audience, which is a rare gift indeed!

  19. Thank you, Paul. Always a pleasure seeing you here.

  20. Sunetra Malik Says:

    It’s an art to paint through words which had been done very aptly…”walk you through my wheat field” and of course “expressive eyes”!! Keep the flow!!

  21. There is no love bigger than the one which can read the silence..

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