Hollow Scapes..

Hold on to me
Through layers that bind
Sweaty palms that threaten to slip
Tears of pain glistening in kohl rimmed eyes
Pale shadows of doubt that menacingly waver
Pierced by spoken words laced with sarcasm
‘Where the night ends, why doesn’t the day begin?’,
You question and I hear –
A despair that keeps warmth at bay..

Throwing away your bottled fears
And shattered dreams of years past that lay forgotten
Trampled by merciless time
Scattered and blown by powerful winds from the desert
That move giant dunes with disdain
You survive and live to tell the tale of another day

Hand in hand we walk towards a new dawn
In search of a new world where days might be longer
To rest peacefully under the cool shade of a leafy bough
Stare with silent wonder at a beautiful sunset
That nurtures dormant desires with multicoloured hues
A whiff of what could have been, of what can be
Before night swallows the nascent dreams
And hand in hand we will walk again under a starry night
In search of a new day…

Posted for One Single Impression.

13 Responses to “Hollow Scapes..”

  1. Very interesting piece indeed, the layers here are fantastic. I can almost feel loves crushing despair.

  2. I like that ‘new day,’ D.L. πŸ™‚ This can be the story of many a young person of timeless dimensions. Meaning it happened that way in my day as in yours. And will continue to happen ad infinitum.
    BTW, I changed my last line to read
    “wasn’t him they’d sought rather was his drink”
    Thank you for your nice comment. πŸ™‚

  3. This is perhaps we all have to do..sooner or later.. to try to hold moments whch we miss in hustle and bustel of life.. well written..

  4. Such depth, layered to cover the hollow moments in time. Well done.

  5. You really have a wonderful way with descriptive words. I see more and more images as I read it again.

  6. This is powerful and strong, nice one friend

  7. What a lovely prose. Very descriptive.

  8. I love the title… and the poem serves it so well. There is a kind of bleakness to this piece… and yet a deep sense of hope. Thank you for posting more of your work!

  9. You survive and live to tell the tale of another day

    This was inspiring to me .. thank youπŸ™‚

  10. “A whiff of what could have been, of what can be
    Before night swallows the nascent dreams” Wow! The feelings in this poem are tangible~ well written! And welcome back!!!

  11. beautiful. love all the emotions this manages to call out. I hope the new day is found… somehow… sooner, rather than later.. and, that it lives up to all it is imagined to be.

    Nice to see you writing, DL. Always a pleasure and treat.

  12. Marvellous and fantastic, as usual, dark lord….

  13. Heartbroken princess Says:

    A beautiful piece of poetry dark lord… Amazing…πŸ™‚

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