Standing alone at brink of dawn
With lonely shadow for company
Wistful eyes, for what had been
Through winds of change, never more shall be

The distant din at midnight hour
When people laugh, when people cry
Distanced by a mere few miles
Calmed at this side of night


Posted for One Single Impression. Thanks to my friend Jim for the prompt this week.


19 Responses to “Calm”

  1. Rinkly Rimes Says:

    ‘The distant din at midnight hour’….I like it.

  2. I like your contrast between dawn and the midnight times. Lonely vs. active hubub; time for feelings vs. recollections; and each variable still with calming possible in each depending upon what before and where.

    Thank you for posting, D.L. 🙂 I liked it and won’t really stop thinking and wondering about parts of it even when I’m gone from here.

  3. A great atmosphere to this.

  4. Oh, I loved the concept and the way it is depicted..

  5. I could feel the powerful silence within the noises in the distance…beautiful.

  6. That last line is great! There always is another side of night!

  7. Dark Lord… you inspired me to try out this OSI prompt for myself. Wasn’t planning on it at all! So thank you for that…

    And thanks for such a poignant look at communion and the different ways that occurs for us. Rich and deep work that continues to impress me…

  8. Oh, that last line is gorgeous!

  9. Nicely crafted – well tuned layers of melancholy and peace laced with inspiration.

  10. Sometimes it needs a bit of distance to get the whole picture. A great word-picture of yours. Please have a good new week.

  11. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Rinkly Rimes :- Thanks 🙂

    @ Jim :- Thank you for reading, glad you liked it.. How could I not have given it a try, when it was your suggested prompt word! Thx, always, for the encouragement. 🙂

    @ Anthony North :- Thx for stopping by.

    @ Ramesh Sood :- Thx for reading my work, and the appreciation. 🙂

    @ Sweetest in the Gale :- Thx for the nice comment.

  12. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Linda Jacobs :- Thank you!

    @ April Belle :- Thanks for the wonderful comment, and your appreciation. Now, I cant wait to visit your blog for your take on the prompt. 😀

    @ Mama Zen :- Thanks.

    @ Tumblewords :- Thx, glad you liked what you read!

    @ Robert :- Indeed, yes.. and, thank you, for reading my work. You have a great weak, too!

  13. Love the many imageries you present through your verse DL 🙂 excellent poem.. I esp. liked “wistful eyes”

    My Survival for OSI Calmed

  14. Lovely, with all the shadows we carry….

  15. Brilliant as always! Enjoyed this one thoroughly, I love the imagery, and I am excessively fond of the night (darkness).

  16. beautiful writing, DL, as always….

    “Wistful eyes, for what had been
    Through winds of change, never more shall be”

    Those lines captured, for me, the overall tone of this piece…

  17. Beautiful and reald Tdl, but if I have to chose my shadows, they will be morning’s 🙂

  18. Beautiful wordings!

  19. Sunetra Malik Says:

    Tranquility and serene atmosphere gives a different feel altogether, specially “dawn, midnight hour”. Your thoughts are indeed splendid!! Nice piece!!

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