The Passing

The day was finally over
And the sun was setting,
Casting it’s tired glow over the darkening sky
As the dwindling rays got numbered…
It had been a long day
A colossal journey, come to an end
And night had come
Sweeping away the last strains of the golden light
O, so sweet, with the cool whisps
Of the earth’s smoke, bearing that soulful fragrance
And the silent sounds
Promising blissful slumber
In a dreamless wonderland.

Ah! But the memories do remain
Of the bygone day
And the events, and the promises
Of the deeds, fulfilled and unfulfilled
Of the playful banterings and relationships
So significant and intense
Yet, blurred with the passing evening
Silhouetted images, pushed further away
Now, mere fleeting instances
Of the sounds, and the smells
And the tender touches
Feelings which could still warm amidst the setting chill
Tugging resolutely, until finally
The day gives way to the glorified night

Leaving, but mere memories, at it’s wake…

Posted for “One Single Impression

34 Responses to “The Passing”

  1. If the night is not glorious, it is glorified when we claim our freedom from anything less than the pure and genuine love we deserve. Beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you, D.L, for this fun prompt. 🙂
    Hadn’t read yours for a bit; it seemed that we only met at O.S.I.

    I could relate very well with your,
    Of the sounds, and the smells
    And the tender touches

    of the day that had passed. Very ‘touching’ lines.

  3. @ Sandy Carlson :- thank you for the appreciative comment!🙂

    @ Jim :- Yes, it has been a while, and I missed reading your work.. Looking forward to reading your take on the prompt! (I know it’ll be nothing short of brilliant – as usual!)🙂

  4. Your poem sent shivers down my spine as I continued to read. The memories always remain, as blurred as they become. I think this is the best of yours that I have read so far. Beautiful imagery, and the words flow so well together. It was a delight to read! Thank you for sharing!

  5. These were haunting words – in a very good way.

  6. @ Deadpoet88 :- Thanks for dropping by, and your kind comments are much appreciated!

    @ Anthonynorth :- Thanks for the kind comment!

  7. Thanks a lot..for a very beautiful prompt.. and a lovely poem.. I took the prompt as it is written : The Passing..

    Do visit to see if I have done justice.. thanks!

  8. systematicweasel Says:

    Wonderfully written work! The language, the flow, all captures the reader until the very end! Thank you for the prompt! =)


  9. Love that last line!

  10. You know how to capture that elusive quality which so much defines memory. I could feel my mind fade into the past and ghost images appear… This was enjoyable.

  11. The inevitable passing of time…such precious moments that turn into heartfelt memories. You wrote about it so beautifully…I really enjoyed your poem.

  12. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Ramesh Sood :- Thanks for dropping by, and ur appreciation..🙂

    @ Systematicweasel :- Thank you, thank you, gladd you liked!🙂

  13. Years since last this thought appeard, being able to hear the sound of silence. Thank you a million for the memories and this great piece of art. Please have a good Monday.

  14. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Twitches :- Thnks.

    @ April Belle :- Thanks for ur nice comment, and for always appreciating my work.. its awlays great to see u drop by!🙂

  15. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Sweetest in the Gale :- Like ur interpretation.. thanks for dropping by and appreciating..

    @ Robert :- Thanks for the kind comment, and I’m glad it brought about a nice memory for you..🙂

  16. Hello D.L.–
    You are such a romantic, in the true sense of the word! Thanks for this great poem and the prompt!

  17. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Beth Patterson :- Thanks for dropping by, your visits are always appreciated… I think everybody – established poets, and ppl, like myself, who attempt to construct a writeup that might appear to resemble a half decent poetry – are romantics at heart!🙂

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments. Your poem in and of itself was a journey. Many fail to realise the small, rich and rewarding wonders a mere 24 hours can encompass. From the sea and sky to our own personal triumphs or struggles. Night carries the day’s memories and vice versa too. A truly wonderful reflection. Thanks for sharing your talent across the miles.😀

  19. wonderful poem … love the last line in particular and the use of ‘wake’ … well crafted!

  20. …and the tender touches…so vivid!

  21. Wonderful to read you, delighted about the way you have painted with words. Especially loved “Casting it’s tired glow over the darkening sky
    ” and “Sweeping away the last strains of the golden light” ! Going to come back here.

  22. Very vivid & touching. The day gives way to the glorified night……

    I can relate. Thanks.

  23. very nicely done- the lines seem to really get to me (in a good way). For me- nighttime intensifies the memories of relationshiips and tends to make me very melancholoy and maudlin. Great choice for the prompt- thanks!

  24. This is beautiful Dark Lord…I felt transported in a dramatic mode, from the dying light to a night of dreamless slumber…but I can never be dreamless I guess…I would always have dreams, good and bad, and would either wake up to a new day remembering those dreams or not!

    Thanks DL for this prompt! Mine is about a beautiful escapade!🙂

  25. DL – really beautiful…
    A life, compressed to just a day… but hardly “just” a day… I love the way you played this out… the contradictions… realistic… touching… inspiring just as it is… regardless of what the new dawn might bring…

    So glad I finally took the time to visit, as this read was well worth the effort, and makes me want to read more from you….

  26. @ Collective Epiphanies :- Thank you for that wonderful, thoughtful feedback.. Much appreciated..🙂

    @ Janepoet :- Thank you!

    @ Sandra :-🙂 The appreciation is appreciated!

  27. @ Gautami Tripathy :- Ah, thanks for stopping by, to read my work!

    @ Swapna :- Thank you, for your warm comment..🙂 Glad you liked what you saw!

    @ Harshad :- Thanks for reading!🙂

  28. @ Patti :- Thank you.. Liked your way of interpretation..🙂

    @ Amity :- Thank you for such a wonderful response.. Dreams, I guess, are stuff that harbour poets..🙂

  29. @ Samantha :- It is always wonderful to read your feedback, thanks, always, for taking time out to read my work.. Glad you liked what you read.. Lookin forward to visiting your blog, now.. its been quite a while..🙂

  30. well…ur description skills r really gr8…
    well written….

  31. great poem DL.. how have you been? long time..

  32. skillful writing.

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    hope to see you in.

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