Go gentle into the night
Through the magical realm of twilight
On the lap of the scented breeze
And the evening warmth
Over distant meadows and other shores
Bracing the inky darkness
Further and further away
Into murky scapes of past
A fallen angel no more

And how I long for that blessed feel
Lost on me forever
But for the pale shadows
Of fond memories…



35 Responses to “Dawn”

  1. So beautiful. How poetry is meant to be.

  2. You have such a gift for poetry and an elegant writing forte. I’m honored and humbled for having you acknowledge my meager attempts at putting my thoughts into words.

    This “Dawn” has similarities to rebirth and remembering things from the past. The best thing is the transition from evil to good. Great work!!!

  3. paulwylie Says:

    I almost blew my cover on this one! 😉

  4. paulwylie Says:

    I just did! LOL

  5. A beautiful wander! Love the idea of the breeze at twilight bringing the scents of memories!

  6. gorgeous and such a smooth read~

  7. Beautiful and flowing.

  8. A lovely poem, Dark Lord.

  9. pale shadows of memories.. lovely flow! thanks for this wonderful take DL.

  10. I know those memories. I know that Dylan Thomas admonition. And the peace of dawn.

    Thanks for this.

  11. wow that is wonderful..

    treasure the memories..

  12. Very nice, D.L. But also a little sad in that this seems to be a one time occurance (“treasure the memories”).

  13. Pre-Dawn rather than post. I like it.

  14. beautifully written- I love the word choices and the imagery

  15. Wow..this is powerful….so beautifully written:)

  16. mmmm… nice… I loved this…. love the way you write. One can get lost in words like these… This is the stuff that dreams are made of…. at least sweet ones…

  17. A lovely flow – dawn smooth.

  18. So beautiful, so profound…I love this one. Somehow it gives me a feeling of nostalgia, though I don’t think it intends to do that.

    It is always a delight finding a new piece on your site. You have a way with words, a way with putting so much feeling and truth in your words. Keep writing!

  19. Beautiful…I can really connect with your powerful words and images.


  20. how strong the words convey his desire and sharpness of memory that time does not fade… blue sky

  21. Lovely. It’s flow is almost lulling.

  22. Liked the poem..it flows..

  23. This is lovely Dark Lord, just lovely.

  24. Hello TheDarkLord,

    I just nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”

    You can check it out Here

  25. Beautiful poem!
    Memories taking us into the stretches of warm pastures, covered with shadowy pasts… very mystical, haunting, yet a fact!!
    Keep sharing …

  26. Yes I long for it too —-so beautifully written

  27. April Belle Says:

    I have been missing from Blogland for quite a while too – so nice to come back and read your work. I think if you can describe that “gentle night,” you surely are still connected. Beautiful.

  28. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please send your OSI piece to me by Sat a.m., and I will post it.

  29. Eloquent with a soft, reflective tone etched within the lines. This is reminiscent of the classic poets, something I feel is a lost art today. You have resurrected the voice. The ending is a lovely finale, tying the whole piece together nicely.

  30. Pale shadow!!Lovely poem

  31. Made me walk through the memory lane..

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  33. Heartbroken princess Says:


  34. Sunetra Malik Says:

    A fantastic blend of imagination and nature. It’s picturesque too “in the lap of scented breeze” and “pale shadows of fond memories”!!!

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