Exam Time

I haven’t been blogging for a “really” long while, now.. and this time I can safely say, its due to the exam time blues! I’m now into my Final Semester Engineering Exams, the last of the lot, which caps a rather difficult (and interesting) four year long journey. During my school days, I had always aspired to be an engineer, and This Is Finally It, I guess. Actually, its difficult to comprehend, maybe, it’ll sink in once the examinations are over. I’ve been thinking of writing a sort of a “look-back” entry on my journey to and through Engineering college, these last four years. Maybe it’ll happen once the exams are done with..

Meanwhile, I guess I’m missing out on all the action here in blogland. I really, really miss blogging, and I hope to get back to it once I’m through with this. Friends, don’t forget me!!


12 Responses to “Exam Time”

  1. Patiently waiting…and TOTALLY get it that life can get demanding. Good luck on the finals!

  2. good luck and every best wish for a glittering future

  3. You’re not forgotten, Dark Lord. Congratulations on finishing your studies. 🙂

  4. Hey..all d best 4 rest of d exams….ll c u soon blogging….

  5. You aren’t the real forgettable type..

    Engineering, eh? Huh. Who knew?? I never would have guessed it. Best of luck to you. You’re almost there!!! (Where exactly “there” is, no one knows… LOL)

    Take care.

  6. No fear, my dear, never ever would I forget you, I’m looking forward to living your past experiences, I know how much I will gain from it. Just concentrate on making it through x

  7. The Dark Lord Says:

    Thanks for taking time out to visit.. its an honour to have such talented friends be with you.. through thick and thin! And thanks so much for the good wishes.

  8. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Samantha :- LOL I can imagine engineering to sound rather dry.. Trust me, once in, I found the course as dull as anything could get.. 🙂

  9. congratulations, I don’t get a break because I’m taking summer classes straight through to my fall semester. I still have antoher year on my associate of arts degree, then I think I will just keep going to college until my brain explodes.

  10. Woah! You’re also an engineering student?:) It’s great to know the moment you longed for all your life is finally about to arrive. I have to spend 2 more years for my degree though *yawns*

    Best of luck for exams =)

    @ Charles

    Awwhh:D No don’t worry. Your brain will rather develop a strength to absorb more than required =) It can even result in wonders, you know.

  11. the situation is same here only i ‘m held back cos of my work:((…congrats:)…and all the best:)

  12. Awww, my dear dark lord, you’re one of a kind and of course, you’ll never be forgotten, even though its true, that the hands of time wipe the sands of memories once cherished, deep within the heart <3.

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