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Exam Time

Posted in Musings on March 24, 2010 by The Dark Lord

I haven’t been blogging for a “really” long while, now.. and this time I can safely say, its due to the exam time blues! I’m now into my Final Semester Engineering Exams, the last of the lot, which caps a rather difficult (and interesting) four year long journey. During my school days, I had always aspired to be an engineer, and This Is Finally It, I guess. Actually, its difficult to comprehend, maybe, it’ll sink in once the examinations are over. I’ve been thinking of writing a sort of a “look-back” entry on my journey to and through Engineering college, these last four years. Maybe it’ll happen once the exams are done with..

Meanwhile, I guess I’m missing out on all the action here in blogland. I really, really miss blogging, and I hope to get back to it once I’m through with this. Friends, don’t forget me!!