Dark alleys, murky lanes
The crossroads of destination
Amidst bustling humanity
Confusing crowds, conflicting emotions
Screeching tyres and honking bells
Conjuring an assembled chaos
A civilized melee…
Concrete walls with damped patches
Darkened by smoke and smog
Pale rays of the tired sun
Streaming in, with swirling dust
Meekly suspended in thick stale air
Ringing with murmured dispair


35 Responses to “Chaos”

  1. So true, much of the time we do live in chaos. Luckily the sun does not despair for long.

  2. Mark William Jackson Says:

    Absolutely fantastic, really carries the tone of isolation, and that is a fantastic image to marry with the words.

  3. When the chaos gets a bit too much, there are always things we enjoy doing that bring calmness like writing, meditating, a hobby, etc…

    We have to develop ways of counteracting the madness or we’ll go into a deep and dark depression that is difficult to get out of.

    Oh, the humanity and reality of it all! I must go now and find my serenity!!!

    Great writing and perspective Dark Lord!

  4. I know this state of being, I am the woman sitting on the stairs, I am every human in your words, I am touched by and fear that chaos, that in your written expression, is a comfort. You are a poet!

  5. OOh, I love this! Great photo too…it must be squeezed in the near future @ The Juice Bar! LK πŸ™‚

  6. You are a very astute observer of destitution and alienation and your skill when delivering your understanding proves your mettle as both a writer and a human being. Your work is very sophisticated for one so young and it’s very impressive.

  7. Hi D.L, this is telling it like it is in the much of the world! A part we’d rather go round if we could. I was ‘there’ Thursday, just driving through. My granddaughter used to shop for groceries there.
    Your poem reminds me of ‘Drood’ by Dan Simmons. It is a tale of the last five years of Dicken’s life. He was researching Mr. Drood but did not get to finish this novel before he died. Doing that took him, according to Simmons’ work, into so very sordid parts of old London.
    Thanks for peeking in on my ‘Voices’ acrostic this week. I’m still working on my ‘Chaos’ for this week. Thanks for the prompt, it is NEAT! πŸ™‚
    I just posted mine and needed to come over to make sure I linked to you correctly.

  8. The random order of chaos, wonderfully described.

    Thanks for the prompt word.

  9. I love both the picture and the poem. Thanks for the prompt.

  10. I had commented on your poem at the OSI site, but seeing it again with the photo gives it even more impact. Gritty words, yet so beautifully put…

  11. very evocative, one can hear the cacophony and smell the chaos.

  12. You paint a marvellously vivid and dark picture with your words.

  13. Nice DL.. dark, deep, but, very nice….

    especially loved the lines:

    “Pale rays of the tired sun
    Streaming in, with swirling dust
    Meekly suspended in thick stale air”

    Perhaps, it’s so tired from always needeing to shed light on the unseen… uncovering the dust and despair…

  14. perfect !!! depicts the worst chaos πŸ™‚

  15. I feel the despair of this. Well done. So well done.

  16. chaos is all around if we watch….waiting to be filled with a different situation and hope…

  17. What a dark picture you paint. It reminds me of a sci-fi look into the future.

    “A civilized melee….” I wonder sometimes how civilized it has become. A very interesting contrast here. Your poem has very nice visual imagery here that has me thinking this afternoon. Great prompt for this week!

  18. Reality and chaos. Powerful poetry. Thank you and thank you for the prompt!

  19. We all know places like this.

  20. It was conceived by God to be part of human nature that despite His wish for us to be happy, chaos was made to strengthen everyone’s existence.

  21. I really appreciate the way the visual and aural details you chose blend to create such thick emotional atmosphere. Nicely done! Thank you.

  22. Wow! I can picture you poem exactly and the despair you mention seems to permeate the surroundings. Excellent job!

  23. as if the words are shouting out what we may have missed in passing…

  24. This poem touched the very core of my being that you so much !

  25. Who better to define Chaos than the Dark Lord, yeah? And you do so very vividly. I can feel the chill and damp, taste the soot in the air. the desolation is nearly palpable.

  26. gret write, and wonderful imiage with it. Which came first?

  27. What a fantastic chorus of chaos! I could practically smell the wet concrete… Loved the vivid description you painted here…

  28. You have conjured a cauldron of chaos. Who hasn’t visited this familiar crossroads?
    thanks for the prompt!

  29. the imagery really brings out the concrete despair and hopelessness in the structural maze.

  30. sharp and brilliant,
    it is a thrill to get to know you and your work,
    bless u!

  31. nicely done~ Thanks for sharing!

  32. Beautiful. You really have a great way with words.

  33. Beautifully composed =)

  34. Sunetra MalikS Says:

    Wonderful piece with detailed descriptions for a visual imagery!!!

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