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December Awards, 2009

Posted in Musings on December 31, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Another year comes to an end, and we stare at the dawn of a new year. I think this time is an interesting blend of the old and the new, when we try to recapture the passing and blurry moments from the last year, while looking forward to a new beginning, in many more ways than one.  It has been in this last year that I mainly started blogging, my blog now being a little more than a year old. The journey, as I had once mentioned earlier, has been remarkable, specially due to the many acquaintances that I’ve made. People, immensely talented, with prodigious writing skills, whose blogs are simply a delight to visit, and read. Considering my limited abilities, it has been even more remarkable (and humbling) to find such people of enhanced calibre taking time out to read and comment on my blog. The awards, that have come my way, therefore, are treasured, and cherished. I use this instance to accept, and to “re-award” the same, to some of my favourite bloggers… Here goes!!

On September 19, 2009, I was awarded the “Fabulous Blog Award” by Nila, from “Azure Depths“. She’s a hugely talented writer with a very engaging style. One can really relate to her posts, which deal with topics that strike nearer home.

On 24th September, 2009, Avada Kedavra from “Evanescent Thoughts“, gifted me the “Stylish Blogger Award”. What strikes out most is the variety that she puts into her writing… you couldn’t possibly classify her into any one particular genre. Her blog is a delightful “virtual” place to loose yourself in, with a colorful vista of engaging, interesting and intriguing articles. 

On 10th October, 2009, Danielle from “Me,” granted me the “Kreative Blogger Award”. A writer, who is elegance, personified.. that is reflected in her compositions. A brilliant poet, whose verses never cease to enthrall – they are creations of fine art! The way her poems progress, with their inherent themes and concepts, that embrace her muse like intriguing stories, is simply mindblowing.

I must say that presenting these awards to fellow bloggers seems a lot like taking a huge liberty. I’m not sure whether I’m “qualified” enough for the same. So, from where I look at things, this is  a gesture from my side, of appreciation that I feel towards these wonderful people for sharing their work.

                Oh, and I’ve noticed there are people who don’t accept awards as a principle. So, if any of you don’t want to acknowledge the awards, it is perfectly o.k. and please don’t think I’ll take any offence for it! This is totally voluntary!    

                Uhmmmmm, so now, (in synch with a virtual, “standing ovation”, and zealous “clapping”)…..
 1. The “FABULOUS BLOG” Award goes to :-
     (a) Val B. Russel, from “Words“. Her mature, insightful and colorful writing makes her blog one helluva place to visit. Her writing has a certain flair and flow which incites one to read, and read on!
     (b) Danielle, from “Me,“. Ah, to be able to compose such wistful, alluring poetry with exquisite imagery! Her blog is a “must-visit”.. and you’ll become an instant fan!
     (c) Jaymie, from “Jaymie Thorne’s Personal Musings“. She really makes the “words” flow.. like nature’s own gushing stream, as I once told her.. You’ll know what I mean, once you visit her Fabulous Blog!
2. The “STYLISH BLOGGER” Award goes to :-
      (a) Lorraine, from “Tell Me What’s On Your Mind“. The photos she puts up in this blog have a “voice” of their own.. They speak to you, compel you to perceive them in your own, creative way.. An unique talent, an unique style… truely, excellence, personified.
      (b) Shraddha, from “The Self Love Project“. Content, Class, Style… the works. You name it, her blog has it. Another must visit. Go see for yourself, and you’ll be hooked for ever!

      (c) Sam, from “Sam I Am (Not)“. She’s one who feels the elusive clairvoyant vibes, and they caress her compositions delightfully. You get that feeling of an “otherworldliness” when you read her verses…
3. The “CREATIVE  BLOGGER” Award goes to :-
      (a) Paul, from “Paul Wylie’s Blog“. I think the word “creative” best applies to him. Its breathtaking, the way he explores different genres, philosophies and emotions through his highly insightful poetry. Sheer brilliance, indeed! Do visit, and you will be amazed.
      (b) Lorraine, again, from “Words Flow and Stuff“. Ah, I’m a lifetime fan of those Haikus. Surely no one does it better than her!! Okay.. she had once closed the site for good, and then, had to restart it on (indignant and furious) public demand. That speaks of her creativity, talent and popularity!
      (c) Avada Kedavra, from “Evanescent Thoughts“.  The pseudonym reminds one of those delightful fictional characters from Harry Potter… her blog is no less delightful! Visit, and soak in the warmth of her immeasurable talent!
This concludes the Awards post. Have a happy, prosperous and adventurous year, 2010 ahead.



Posted in Poetry on December 5, 2009 by The Dark Lord

I hear your murmured whispers from across the seas
Your dulcet tones borne by the salty winds
That caress my ageing soul with distant memories
Of you, and the warmth of an other place, far away
That beckon after the years spent
In solitude…

Would you, then, guide my wayward vessel
Through the leagues of bottomless ocean
As I journey back through time, O enduring love
And bear me in your loving embrace
In that abode I once called
My home

Note :- Next on will be my very first, year end Awards post… Watch this Space!!