Crystal drops

Abstract halos divine
Complimenting the beatific smile
Glimpses of benign faith
Tempting the arcane wraiths
Glorious, impassioned sermons
Awash with holy jargon
Pledging blissful liberation
From warped soulful oppression
The flowing billowy robes
And earnest dulcet tones
Charm the zealous minds
While rendering spirits blind
Heralding darker nights
That malign the pristine light


20 Responses to “Crystal drops”

  1. Mesmerized by your words.

  2. I have an award for you at my site 🙂

  3. Charm the zealous minds
    While rendering spirits blind

    You’ve really captured a lot in these two lines. Love the title to…crystal tends to shatter when it drops.

  4. Great piece of writing, Dark Lord. I particularly like these two lines:

    ‘…Pledging blissful liberation
    From warped soulful oppression…’

    They say it all.

  5. nice one! I also really like the title… crystal… so beautiful… and special.. unless dropped… (or thrown across the room ;).

  6. Oh, that last line sure packed a punch… I love where this took me… Hard to explain, but wow. I could almost sense the evil smile on some priest’s face as he swings his incense censer… Powerful work.

    (Thanks for your recent comment on the Little Writer… for now, most of my focus is on my innerward journey, so I started a blog to explore just that.. Hope to see you there!)

  7. very beautiful dear:)

  8. oh yes freedom from oppression freedom from fear freedom from pain…Divine

  9. you really do make words dance. religeon can be a form of oppression, when all it is, is religeon.

  10. amazing…yesterday i was in too much pain to read the real message, you are absolutely right, spirituality and love are the only healing and only freedom that means anything…bravo Tdl 😉

  11. I think you have just summed up the catholic child’s experience perfectly. 🙂 This is very very good writing.

  12. From warped soulful oppression

    love that line …

  13. well said, I bow to you~

  14. very nice, this is like something jim morrison would have wrote. excellent surrealistic imagery.

  15. Nicely worded!!

  16. I can’t help wonder what inspires a mind like yours.

  17. The genius of your poetic license amazes me. I’m pleased to get back to such great reading of your writing expertise.

    Your rhythm and rhyme are always right on Dark Lord!

  18. The Dark Lord Says:

    Thank you!! 🙂 Your comments and views are much, much appreciated!

  19. your words do justice to the subtleties of the crystal

  20. Sunetra Malik Says:

    Very nice!!…the name itself is a presentation of the thoughts to follow..”crystal”!!

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