Courting solitude
Through the mirthless abyss
Abjured by capricious wooers
On treading the lonesome path
Oblivious to commiserating glances
While pursuing obscure trails
Wading across sandy shores
Tumbling through surf, onto the blue lagoon…



40 Responses to “Blue”

  1. wow this was very nice:)….
    keep penning:)

  2. A wondering, why not add a small ‘Inspiration’ text at the end of each poems? IF none, then I suppose you could leave it blank. 😀

  3. you capture a wandering spirit so well. but maybe that is just my impression. hope you have a great weekend.

  4. @ Nanditha :- Thanks! 🙂 Btw.. It was gr8 visiting your blog…

    @ The Ruling Numerator :- !! 🙂 “Inspiration?!”… whatever for?!

    @ Brian Miller :- Thanks for dropping by.. 🙂 I’d like to think the impressions or “perspectives” can be varied.. A “wandering spirit” is quite succinct!

  5. Solitude can be inspirational. You can look beyond loneliness into your own soul and bring fourth beautiful images through solitary visions. I applaud your work. I would love to see it published in a book I could have on my nightstand whenever I need a thought or vision implanted to send me off to sleep!

  6. Because I’d like to know what it is exactly that makes you come up with the words in your post above.

  7. Without question, my favourite bit is the “mirthless abyss”. You continue to intrigue me with your poetic voice.


  8. Travelling through life with blinders on, eye on the prize. This is what I thought of when reading this one. I agree with Kat-your poetic voice is always intriguing. I think it’s that bit of mystery that makes your writing so incredible.

  9. very intriguing Dark Lord…
    the first two lines were my favorite. they’re quite beautiful!
    well written!

    ps: ur from Kolkata? recognized that school entrance…in one of the prev posts..

  10. @ Luther :- Thank you my friend, for such a kind, sweet and encouraging comment.. I’m highly honoured that you think my humble compositions are able to engender “visions” in your prodigious mind.. 🙂 Though I’d say I’m rather dissapointed that they are boring enough for you to drift off to sleep 😉

    I must tell you.. Your blog is a huge storehouse of creativity, and going through your work invariably lands me in an unique and spectacular land with varied visions, perspectives and “voices”…

  11. The Ruling Numerator :- Ah.. well, thanks for getting back! Dunno if the works are good enough to warrant an “inspiration”, but, the various blogs here in blogland.. with their varied “hues” and “tones”, all of them uniquely wonderful.. are inspiration enough! For e.g. Your brilliant (and utterly humorous) post on “Puffy Chests”… could be an inspiration for composing a similarly toned verse.. 🙂

    @ Poetikat :- Thank you for visiting, and such kind words.. 🙂 Much appreciated!

    @ Calliopespen :- Ah, thank you! That is such a wonderful comment.. 🙂

  12. You have made use of some awesome words here..

    weeks trample on each other like magazines

  13. To be wonderfully refreshed, no doubt!

  14. @ Leo :- Thank you for your kind comment… glad you liked my work!.. 🙂

    Indeed, I am, yes! The City Of Joy, Bongland… The best place in the whole world!! 🙂 Sadly though, for the pursuit of education, and this numbing Rat Race, I’ve had to travel miles away from my beloved place for my major.. 😦
    What about you, though?! Do you belong to the same place?? Is there a “bong” behind the enigma of “Leo”?!

  15. I think the blue lagoon is a good place to have (s)tumbled upon. 🙂 You did good, I liked the progression.

  16. I love how this leaves an open ending.

  17. Ahhh … I wondered what you would do with this prompt. Solitude and blue water, the stuff of poets.

  18. This is a little like a small insight into the secret diary of a breathless runaway! Wonderful!

  19. I could make it my would be blue, midnight blue with scincillating insight into my hurt soul

  20. Some powerful words leading to the blue lagoon there. Excellently done.

  21. .. wonderful ..

  22. I could feel the loneliness, and see the blues…wonderful!

  23. Rest must be delicious after such a journey.

  24. @ Gautami Tripathy :- Thank you for stopping by!

    @ Rinkly Rimes :- Oh yeah… that is the gift!

    @ Jim :- Oh yeah, definitely! Thank you…

    @ Nathalie :- Cool of you to spot that.. 🙂 I’d like to think it leaves room for contemplation..

  25. @ Amias :- Yeah… Hope you liked what you saw!

    @ Gemma :- Love how you put it! 🙂 TY!

    @ Lorraine :- The thought is indeed inviting.. but on second thoughts, I wouldn’t like the “permanncy”… I’d much rather fancy intermittent, albeit frequent, bouts of such solitude…

    @ Anthony North :- Thank you! 🙂

  26. @ Zoya Gautam :- Thx..

    @ Sweetest in the Gale :- Thank you for the kind words.. much appreciated! 🙂

    @ Sandy Carlson :- Surely… A “liberation” after all the “oppression”!

  27. I truly love your way of handling the words.
    You create magic.

  28. I felt as if I were watching you travel (the road less traveled) and I enjoyed the sights.

  29. congrats for making it through all it takes to make it to the blue lagoon!
    wonderful piece on perseverance.

  30. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Anna :- Thank you! Its so kind of you to say so..

    @ Maggie :- Glad you enjoyed the sights! 🙂

    @ Tammie :- Thank you for the wonderful comment!

  31. courting solitude – treading the lonesome path –

    both sound perfectly normal and rational to me, despite the commiserating glances, because nobody else understands where you’re coming from – I do

  32. Lovely one!!!

  33. I sure feel the lonliness and solitude in this one. But I sense the solitude may be self-imposed- which is sometimes needed! Wonderful take on the prompt~

  34. This spoke to me – I have been there, have felt the pull of solitude and renewal. It’s a strange journey that you have expressed so well… I loved, loved the imagery here (and coming back from a camping trip to Big Sur, I flashed on that instantly, especially in regards the sandy shores, surf, and blue lagoons…).

  35. reallly cool!!!

    i loved it..

  36. @ Ann :- Ah, thank you! You drown out the commiserating glances! 🙂

    @ Jeeves :- Thx.

    @ Patti :- Thank you for the lovely comment! 🙂

    @ April Belle :- Thank you.. hope the trip was great..

    @ Shraddha :- Thanks as always! 🙂

  37. Luther Spells Says:

    My friend I know you are joking, but my sleep comes from peace and not boredom!

  38. we have an award for you!

  39. I love the repetition of the ob and ab sounds. “Mirthless abyss”…yes! That’s exactly what it can be. Spot on, DL.


  40. The Dark Lord Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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