14th August – Happy B’Day to me!!

Its been a long 22 years, or was it all too quick?! I wonder… Profoundly insignificant from a much larger perspective, yet a wholesome entity for the self, I feel humbled as I begin to contemplate the journey which life has taken me through, till the present day. Expectedly, the path has been chequered with a variety of shades, both defined and undefined, that have contributed in their own unique ways in making me what I am, for better or for worse…

 As I coax my rather eager memory (significantly assisted by dusty pages from photo albums) far back into increasingly obscure lanes, I see quite a few distinct images of myself as a pampered toddler (being an only child), blissfully lost in the divine innocence of early years…

Yours Truely!

Yours Truely!

 I’d say, one of the most definitive ingredients to my mental buildup during my formative years was school. St. Thomas’ Boy’s, was for me, heaven on earth (though I’ll admit, the realization came in woefully late!). I remember those days when I used to loathe being woken up early and then having to tag along, rather reluctantly, with mom to school. Mom, being a teacher in the same school, it was particularly difficult for me to get away with my numerous pranks! How I long for those carefree days.. I miss the great big buildings in my school, the wide green lawns, that ancient tree which graced our sights from the classroom..beneath which was our favourite haunt during lunch breaks.. I miss our canteen which served the primary purpose of being our safe haven whenever we skipped classes, which was often! I miss gazing at the grand architecture of the church which stood high, mesmerising us with its exalted presence.. it was an embodiment of colossal strength for us, weathering many a ferocious tempest!

The School Entrance..

The School Entrance..

Our school logo.. Estd - 1789!!

Our school logo.. Estd - 1789!!

Part of the campus.. in front of the High School building!

Part of the campus.. in front of the High School building!

 I long for my mother’s touch which awoke a disgruntled me every morning, sharp at six! The twinkling sounds from clanking cutleries, which were a prelude to the mouth watering aroma that wafted out of the kitchen now seem to be elements from an altogether different world!

 Fourteen years that I spent in school, right from the nursery days flew by at an astonishing pace, as we tried to scramble along clumsily, at its wake. As if conjured out of nowhere, we found ourselves staring at “The End” of high school days.. What ensued was a mad rush to secure seats in colleges, and I found myself enrolled for an engineering course at a college, more than a thousand miles away from my home state…

 Its been more than three years since, and I find myself in the fourth and last year of college, that would complete my major. Life here has been a one of a kind experience.. away from my parents, and the safe cocoon of school, it has been quite the “struggle” for existence here.. And of course, its been marred with severe bouts of nostalgia, homesickness and repeatedly unsuccessful sessions of self discovery! Rather miserably, phonecalls from home to keep up with news back there, and the internet are the only lifelines..

 Like Dumbledore in “Harry Potter” so succinctly stated, it doesn’t do to dwell on dreams.. I could have droned on about various incidents from the years that went by.. but at present, they are best left untouched in the long drawn pages of memory.. Maybe another time!

 As I sit back and contemplate this journey of mine, I wouldn’t go on to say life has come full circle or been subjected to other such poetically profound phenomena! There have been ups and downs, a few highs and a few nasty falls.. yet, the path continues.. and I remain a zealous commuter, armed ever so often with new experiences and knowledge that add to the already bulging pile.. I don’t know where this journey will lead me to, or more importantly, what it’ll take me through.. I walk on, with hope in my heart, and a rather long “bucket list”!


24 Responses to “14th August – Happy B’Day to me!!”

  1. Midnight Blue is playing and I read your post and see this photo of a lovely looking child with deep intense eyes, and I think even without knowing you I would know by those eyes that you are an old soul, so you being so young, is not that much of a surprise to me. Happy Birthdayxxx, wow,you’ll have so much influence in this world of ours, hope it always comes from the heart!

  2. Happy birthday Dark Lord.

    Enjoy these days, they are the best, carefree and with the whole world in front of you.

  3. shraddha@theselfloveproject Says:

    happy birthday!!!


    many happy returns of the day..

  4. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and a beautiful way to remember your life. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday! 22 years young… Ohhhh.. .to be 22 again…. a great age to look back… but, with so much more to look forward to… bucket list in tow…

  6. Ah you are a baby with an old soul… Happy birthday to wonderful you!!

  7. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear dark lord
    happy birthday to you

    22… wow… a mere babe (compared to this old mother hen, or rather grandmother hen) and what a cute gorgeous baby you were -aaaaaaaaaaaaaah 🙂

    with every best wish for a happy day, a brilliant year and a glittering future

  8. Happy B’day dude….
    well…looking at ur past and then at present, make u calculate d degree of achievements…..Life once flashes before ur eyes. Make sure its worth watching….tats all..

  9. Man, I missed it! I’m sorry for the late reply.

    You are one remarkable dude. You can’t be only 22, with so much wisdom and maturity you have displayed in your writings. I’m shocked and now feel like an old senile f**t with all of my ramblings. I hope you never leave this blogging world, it would be a disaster for me and many others.

    I have this great feeling that you have a bright and long future ahead of you.

    Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂


  10. happy belated birthday dude. sorry i missed this yesterday. heck i’m old enough to be your father. lol keep up the good work. i miss your poetry. you have an edge that most ppl, certainly most ppl your age (no offense) don’t. so keep writing. by the time you get to be my age you should be famous. 😉

  11. Happy Birthday my friend. I too am a late arrival but this time of my life is hectic and scattered. And you shall find that not one minute is wasted. Everything you experience leads you to your next level. Good or bad, you become who you are by living through these times. As we age so does time speed up. Our perspectives widen and before we know it we are old. As you find yourself in different realms always remember everything happens for a reason, and it is designed to make a better man of you for it. Happy Birthday. It is a pleasure sharing this world with someone of such infinite talent and power. You will be truly successful as you progress!

  12. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Lorraine :- Thank you for the wishes.. I’m speechless, that you think so highly of me… Maybe its because wonderful people have wonderful takes on people around them! 🙂 I dunno much about influencing the world around me, but I must say, reading works, such as yours, inspire and influence me in a great many ways, and I’m really, really greatful for it!

    @ Paul Andrew Russel :- Thank you, I know what you mean.. Its a pity these days pass along so abruptly!

    @ Shraddha :- Thank you.. the B’Day wishes are much appreciated! 🙂

  13. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Neilina :- Thank you, seeing all your comments make for a wonderful day! I do hope I have a beautiful way to remember my life.. 🙂
    Its of much significance!

    @ Samantha :- 22 years “young” and I already feel weary with the monotony of routine! I like the way you put it.. Sure hope the future is as good as you make it sound to be!

    @ Jaymie :- An old soul, maybe, but, urgh, a baby no longer!!! Thanks so much for the b’day wishes! 🙂

  14. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Ann :- Thank you, thank you so much (Though I don’t know your voice, I kind of sang it to me for you! 🙂 ) One thing though, which I’ll say with vehement indignation! – 22 in NOT a mere baby!! Oh no.. now I wish I never mentioned my age!

    @ Baljinder :- Yeah dude, you got it right! Very insightful and philosophical…

    @ Paul :- I’m certainly not leaving the blogging world, not when people like you grace the blogosphere! Thank you so much for the b’day wishes, my friend.. they are much, much appreciated! I dont think age has got anything to do with writing.. and what you call rambling, I’ll term them, very honestly, as literary jewels that delve deep into the misty depths of philosophy, and illuminate a lot of the murky depths… It gives me immense pleasure (besides being highly “educating”) to go through your brilliant, insightful posts..

  15. The Dark Lord Says:

    @ Charles :- Thank you, for the “vote” of confidence! 🙂 I dunno about the famous part, but I do hope I’ll develop my skills with time.. Meanwhile, thank you sharing your poems.. I admire your poetic works, and think they are nothing short of sheer brilliance!

    @ Luther :- Thanks, so much, for the wishes 🙂 … I think I realize what you mean.. The “widening” of our perspectives, with time.. the “connection” between wide, seemingly isolated events, and that they all occur with a definitive purpose.. and for sure, learning from them makes better men of us..
    Like I always maintained, your feelings are reciprocal.. It gives me much joy to share with people like you, and I deeply cherish this interaction! I’m sure I don’t deserve such high praise, that too, from someone as you.. Thanks again, for your kind words, and your encouragement…

  16. Happy Bday…..

  17. I wish you a very happy birthday…!

  18. @ Jeeves & If :- Thank you! 🙂

  19. A belated happy birthday. 🙂

  20. Thank you, Numerator! 🙂

  21. While reading your last 3 paragraphs, I felt like reading my own life =)

    May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, The foresight to know where you are going, And the insight to know when you have gone too far. 🙂

    Bless thee.

  22. The Dark Lord Says:

    Thanks for your kind response. Its always flattering when people take time out to browse through older posts, and comment on them!

  23. I always go through the old posts (the ones I missed in previous duration) if the blog clicked me on first look! =)

  24. Heartbroken princess Says:

    Maybe its too late to wish you a happy birthday, but i can atleast say that you were truly a very cute baby… And do keep writing your breathtaking poetries as i aways find them very touching and amazing… It’s been a pleasure reading through your blog and i’m gonna cherish it- always… The glorious sunshine unwinds the essence of your everlasting and priceless writings, little by little… Very impressive, dark lord:)

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