Its been quite a while since I logged in to blogland… though there aren’t any excuses for the prolonged absence, other than pure laziness, I’d like to clarify: there’s been a lot going on in my life, which, cumulatively, can become quite overwhelming at times…
     Blogging is a passion.. Its’ a significant attribute and so, I couldn’t possibly stay away from it for long.. I started my blog last December. It was inactive during the first few months.. and it was only sometime around May-June that I started becoming an avid blogger. Counting onwards from May, my blog is a mere 3 months old.. and yet, its’ been a fascinating journey.. one, that I have cherished immensely. I think the best part of blogging is to stumble upon other people’s blogs that are wholesome jewels lying randomly in the stardust of blogland. The experience is a blessing.. it is highly “educating”, to say the least!
     Along the way, I’ve made a lot of acquaintances… Other bloggers whom I’ve come to admire greatly for their varied and polished skills. Strangely, despite the “virtual” element involved, there has developed a feeling of intimacy which is much gratifying. I think it has more to do with this no-holds-bar sharing and flow of intellect and creativity, than anything else!
     To name a few such immensely talented bloggers I’ve had the good fortune to bump into… Luther J Spells, Lorraine, Jayme, Paul Wylie, Charles, the hugely talented poets who post weekly in OSI.. (Typing as the names come randomly.. Pretty sure I missed out on a few. Hope I am forgiven!) At times, it can be really humbling to consistently come across brilliant compositions that lie much higher up in the poetic radar than mine, but on second thoughts, its an honour to get to read such awesome literary treats, on such a regular basis!
     Due to my brief absence from blogland, its’ been a while since I have been to the blogs where I am an otherwise frequent visitor. My apologies. I am back to blogging, with a vengeance, to make up for lost time! Now, am off to bloghop! Happy blogging everyone!!


23 Responses to “Message!”

  1. Hooray-DL is back in town! Looking forward to seeing some blogging vengeance!

  2. Welcome back to the fray Dark Lord 🙂

  3. Thank you for the mention DL, but I’m far from being any good at blogging. I can’t compare to those you mentioned and numerous others you didn’t. I’m humbled by your vote of confidence though.

    I’m starting classes in a couple of weeks, so I can’t put as much heart and passion into my blogging since I can’t make it a priority. I will improve with inspiration from fellow bloggers like you and am committed to working to become the best I can be.

    Take care blogging friend, and I hope the greatest for your future!


  4. You’ve been missed and your absence felt.

  5. Missed you, welcome back!!

  6. It is always good to see people coming back!

  7. welcome back!!!!
    really really missed you…

  8. I understand your words……I am happy that yu re back…

  9. I was truly concerned but happy now to see you back. You are a huge inspiration for me to become a better person and to advance in my passion to write. For most of my life I never knew the joys and peace it could bring. As I step into a new chapter of life I bring with me new friends and new goals. I thank you for mentioning me, but I must say, without your encouragement among the many others as well of course, I would not feel the motivation I feel to continue and grow. Welcome back my friend.

  10. dear dark lord – check this out

    I used to have this in my sidebar, but it seems to have disappeared and wordpress is not as user-friendly as it used to be and I can’t get it back

    in the meantime whenever you post, your magical words are always a pleasure

  11. are back with a vengeance…thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comment on my is commenters like you who add so much value to the post.

    i very much appreciate it..

  12. looking forward…………

  13. Just read a few of your other posts… I certainly look forward to more. 🙂

  14. I am soooo glad you’re back, you are a literary genius, and I’ve missed visiting, so glad you’re back!

  15. @ Calliopespen :- Thx for the enthusiastic welcome! 🙂

    @ Paul Andrew Russel :- Thank you, its great to be back!

    @ Paul :- Thanks for the wishes, my friend… its an honour to be in acquaintance of one such as you…

    @ Val :- Thank you! 🙂

  16. @ Jaymie :- Missed you, too, all the while.. its been great catching up!!

    @ Neilina :- Think this is your first visit.. A coincidence with my comeback! Welcome to my blog!!

    @ Shraddha :- Thanks! Its good to be back again..

    @ if :- Thank you! 🙂

  17. @ Luther :- Its good to be back, my friend.. and your concern is truely appreciated.. Writing is indeed liberating.. And the way you feel is reciprocal.. Your wonderful works really inspire me with the thought process.. I’m greatful to know people such as you.. Despite the gap, you are virtual family.. Thank you for being there!

    @ Ann :- Thanks for the kind comments.. 🙂 I wrote a few lines in your blog regarding the problem you are facing, though I daresay you wont find it much helpful!

    @ Shraddha :- I would say brilliant posts such as yours deserve all the comments that come your way! 🙂 The pleasure is all mine!

    @ Baljinder :- Hope I dont disappoint you! 🙂

  18. @ The Ruling Numerator :- Thanks for the visit and welcome to my blog… hope you enjoyed my works! 🙂

    @ Lorraine :- Humbled by your comment… I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve such exalted praise.. 🙂 I missed reading your blog too.. it was great to catch up!!

  19. thanks for popping over last night. its good to step away from our passions occassionally…so the heat does not become too much. glad to see you are back. see you around.

  20. I’ve responded to all the comments you wrote, all of them sheer poetry, you are so talented, I hope you never leave again 🙂

  21. i will be on a hiatus a bit myself soon. preparing for college starting next week. even though i’ll be doing it online i rather wish i had a USB port in the back of my skull.

  22. I find myself holding my breath, reading your work…I can’t wait for more. 🙂

  23. @ Brian Miller :- Yeah, it sure is good to take a break sometimes!

    @ Lorraine :- LOL, I dunno what to say, you make me blush! 😉 Seriously, though, thanks for taking the trouble of replying back, it was a wonderful gesture!

    @ Charles :- Yeah, I can quite relate with that particular feeling! Hope you can manage everythin well…

    Nila :- I’m glad you liked what you saw 🙂 .. welcome to my blog!

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