Inner Voice

Trickles in the desert
A sanguine sparkle
Blissfully impecunious
Seeping through the chasms
Lingering traces of the clairvoyant
Inner voice



33 Responses to “Inner Voice”

  1. shraddha Says:

    very nicely said…but in this loud world…most of the people can not hear it..

  2. The inner voice can also be the lifeblood–an an oasis.

  3. You’ve captured the tentative nature of the experience here, I think. Excellent words.

  4. sometimes in the silent desert the inner voice dare not speak…I like this very much 🙂

  5. Beautifully written…lush words!

  6. Uniquely smooth and powerful. Another great work my friend!

  7. a sanguine sparkle – lovely!


  8. I like this a lot. Love short poems like this because they stick. Wonderful use of words I love playing with words once I get right ones to express the essence of the poem. You have chosen your words well, they are strong, colorful and expressive. The lines are short and put emphasis in the right places that give the poem effect. I am terrible at critiquing poems without feeling guilty but the only thing I would do different is lose the last line. It’s the title. Make the body of the poem allude to the title without repeating it, you have some very strong words and imagery here that you can end it on a very profound note. Make the reader to the work. Finish the poem on a very profound note, a very strong prolific line and then they will go back to the title and think… “Yeah…. How did he do that?”

    All the same very very well written, I so love your style and I cannot say that reading your poems isn’t like looking in a mirror. Your choice of words and use of language is always very strong and colorful. You create imagery out of your brevity and the use of colorful, eloquent and powerful adjectives and metaphors and to me that is how imagery should be created.

  9. Love the words you chose to express this…they make you pause in an effort to truly absorb the meaning. Exactly what needs to be done to hear the “inner voice.” Wonderful.

  10. Powerful image and subject. I can see the picture you paint and feel the liquid nature of your inner voice.

  11. Your images are so rich!

  12. Really strong poem. Reminds me of a mirage. The images the mind can create while in the desert.

  13. I hope I could listen that…..

  14. D.L, your inner voice seems soooooo pure! 🙂
    And fairly subtle.

  15. Powerful use of such few words. Wonderful!

  16. each line
    is wonderful~

  17. Sometimes…little says much!

  18. no drought here. artesian sources. Beautiful!

  19. Your choice of words and rhythms feel like water seeping through sand and cracks in rocks. Very nice.

  20. Love the wordplay in this- great choices!

  21. Very nice! brilliant!

  22. a sanguine sparkle – beautiful!

  23. Powerful and yet not overwhelming! Love the soft sounds as the poem seems to infiltrate the senses!

  24. This is simply brilliant! I adore “Lingering traces of the clairvoyant” in particular.

  25. I think all of us have that inner clairvoyant voice but at different levels. The short descriptive and elegant wording made this an excellent poem.

    Good work my friend!

  26. sequesteredsoul Says:

    Absolutely brilliant. To be able to reach so deep with such few words. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  27. I love short poetry as well… I liked especially ‘A sanguine sparkle/ and/ Lingering traces of the clairivoyant.” These two lines are meandering metaphors, I love your metaphors. I DO like the Inner Voice being at the end, but I have to agree with Charles in that it shouldn’t be the same as the title, however, perhaps the Title could be something in the lines of Glimpses of Intuition… tease your poetry with the title, or you label it… it gives you and the reader other interpretations and visualizations.

    I went through all your work here and enjoyed it much! you have quite the vocabulary! Hehe… Mine dwindles with age, or children, I don’t know which~! Thank you for blogging and sharing!

  28. Thanks to all of you, who took the time to read my work.. I’m really humbled by your response, and your continued support and encouragement! 🙂

  29. The way inner voice gets strong enough to turn into an echo in soul, this poem also possesses strength to run down and shrill the soul 🙂

  30. The Dark Lord Says:

    Thank you, its generous of you to say so!

  31. Naah. Your composition MADE me say so!=)

    Adding you to my blog roll.

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