Blue Rain..

Sitting by my window
Nose pressed into the misty pane
Blurred by the blue rain
Rivulets formed by my warm breath
I etch a portrait of my beloved
Blowing life into the mundane sketch…



38 Responses to “Blue Rain..”

  1. Great words on unusual art.

  2. Wonderful but lonely. I feel this everyday but for the escape of knowing I am not alone. Great work my friend!

  3. Good one, none of us has to see that portrait, it is ‘for you eyes mind only.’

  4. not sure how I found you
    just read some of your words
    they sure resonate and impress

  5. Powerfully written, with such a yearning…beautiful.

  6. A beautiful poem. I imagine this image absorbing the speaker’s reflection, too.

  7. This one had such beautiful imagery. Powerfully written and was emotional. I enjoyed reading this.

  8. an ordinary scene but quite lovely to read

  9. beautiful poem
    your words took me into the moment
    the mundane sketch feels like a day dream
    where what it sentimental rises to the surface

  10. not mundane but nomadic as a dune.. portraits fade but impressions last. I will remember the traces of you.

  11. I cant help commenting on rain…and you relating it with love matters…

  12. I like the way you make her sketch!

    wrath of nature

  13. What a wonderful image of the creative process. Not only blowing the breath of life into something but also creating it by breath.

  14. Portraying a normal phenomenon in such a lively write-up is really a great effort…
    nice post..

  15. expressed so well

  16. Superb imagery!

  17. I can see this! Are you an artist??

  18. shraddha Says:

    You said it so well.
    A beautiful picture sketched through words.
    what a delight!

  19. Thank you for reading my work and for such encouraging comments!

  20. valbrussell Says:

    This verse reminded me of the song ‘Blue’ by Joni Mitchell. spare, specific and splendid. It was nice to see you on my blog earlier. 🙂 I like your writing and I’ll put you on my blog roll.

  21. I love the imagery in this poem- very well done. I especially like the lines: “Sitting by my window
    Nose pressed into the misty pane” how often has that been done by so many… Thanks!

  22. This is beautiful and haunting. I hope it is okay that I have added you to my blogroll?

  23. @ Val & Jaymie :- It’s nice that you like what I write.. appreciate your putting me up in your blogroll… the gesture is mutual and reciprocated! 🙂

    @ Patti :- Thanks for your comment.. coming from you is special, since I greatly admire your work!

  24. Oh WOW–this is one I will come back to because it is just so RICH. Love this, and your other work as well. So glad to have found this blog:)

  25. Sheetal Says:

    Your blog is a reflection of a person you are…had a great time with you dear…will be visiting your blog whenever i wish to see to you…your blog talk to me as you do…wish you have everything in life you long for…and continue to infleunce people always as you do now…will never be able to forget you and hope you also remember me in any way you want to!!!!
    luv ya!!! tc

  26. Sheetal, I’m glad you think that, as half of what I write is inspired by you! Though its sad to see that you took matters of yesterday to heart and construed it the way you did… Rest assured, I was outta my mind, so they dont’ count, do they?! Besides, you knew my one weakness and you did accept me with that “flaw” in the first place! I really hope you come to think differently of it…

  27. @ calliopespen :-Thank you for the visit and for your kind comment! Glad you liked what you saw! I think the same about your work too!!

  28. hey great blog..nice lines.. thanks for visiting my blog…

  29. Thank you for stopping by… much appreciated! 🙂

  30. wonderful imagery. surrealistic & sensual. such a feeling of beautiful melancholy and solitude.

  31. Great depth and feeling in such a few lines. I have found myself, as I’m sure many others, in that exact situation with similar thoughts yet not expressing them so eloquently.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog!

  32. This is such a lovely word painting. I could see it like a snapshot in my mind.

  33. @ Charles :- So glad you liked reading.. Thanks for visiting!! 🙂

    @ Paul :- Thank you for the kind comments.. much appreciated!

    @ Naramalone :- Thank you.. Comments such as yours inspire me to write!!

  34. Enchanting, wow this is one rainy night write-up that I wish I had written, bravo Dark Lord, now I’ll be here, always, sigh

  35. @ Lorraine :- Thank you, for taking time out to comment.. welcome to my blog!

  36. Beautiful. I could connect with it.

  37. @ Neha Kapoor :- Thank you for visiting.. and for your nice comment!

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