Deep blue of the ocean
With flecks of white foam
And a silent rumble..

Violet sky with velvet layers
Of impregnated clouds

Meeting at the distant horizon
Rejoicing over the tranquil assimilation…



32 Responses to “Assimilation..”

  1. Beautiful exploration of the horizon as a leveller!

  2. Great words on the meeting of vision with nature there.

  3. beautiful imagery.

  4. Hello Dark Lord! First visit to your blog, but will not be the last!

    Liked your imagery and the unspoken understanding that the marriage of sea and sky is only in the eye of the beholder.

    Boy am I on a particularity kick! Sheesh…

    Thanks for this–it is lovely!

  5. ummm, you took me there. wonderful~

  6. I have witnessed this and it is beautiful. Thank you for this lovely, lovely piece.

  7. Very nicely done! I like the imagery and ocean theme.

  8. So visual…lovely!

  9. I love the strong images you used in this poem– particularly the silent rumbling of the ocean– very nice.

  10. Hi D.L, Mother nature does wonders with God’s creation! We all should enjoy it to its fullest; your nice poem helps realize its intricacy and beauty.

  11. Another inspired work of art my brother. I feel a kindred spirit at work between our perspectives. I can’t get enough.

  12. Thank You for such nice comments.. They really inspire me to write!
    Much appreciated!

  13. Beautiful melding in this visual poem

  14. hey
    deep!! the sky n the ocean r so vast….. both magnanimous .. very literally.. and yet they seem to merge in to each other at the horizon.. r they trying to tell us smthng… smthng like be larger than urself ..ur ego… be beautiful n yet be fluid enough to merge into smthng which is not u.. u wont loose ur identity by merging ur spirit with anyone jus as beautiful n vast….. Accept.. Surrender…. when ocean n sky can… y cant we ?

  15. Where they merge there is not separation. Bold imagery leads to blissful union. Beautiful.
    Thank you!

  16. Sounds inviting.

  17. Stunningly well presented – your wording is lovely….

  18. Thank You, again, for such nice comments… I’m overwhelmed!
    Nups, nice to see you blogging after that gap! Thank you for the comment, you really caught on the essence of the poetry.. Surrender, acceptation are really the synonims of assimilation, aren’t they?!

  19. Some of the ocean sunsets do seem like a celebration. Nice picture in your words here.

  20. Nice expression of thoughts in such precise content…
    gr8 work..keep it up..:P

  21. soothing….

  22. the ocean

    & impregnated clouds

    beauty _ is _ Unfathomable.. indeed

  23. I can just picture it- beautiful! Nicely done~

  24. I like the idea of the assimilation in Nature.
    Excent Poem!

  25. a very beautiful way to express assimilation. i would think this was one of the better poems written about it in that it is very compassionate. the imagery is soft and beautiful.

  26. Thank you, for commenting on an “old” post.. Its nice to know people scroll down sometimes to read other older poems as well!

    @ Charles :- Glad you liked it.. Coming from you is all the more special, as I greatly admire your work!

  27. The Visual is a heartbreaker, those fierce natural phenomena…elemental and stunning, bravo once again 😉

  28. Thank you, Lorraine.. your continued support is much appreciated!

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