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Writing for the “self”…

Posted in Musings on May 4, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Its been so long since I last wrote to “myself”… To let go of all facades, of what other people might think about, about the repurcussions of my actions, and basically to feign something or someone which I am not! It is not because I was fed up with writing, or simply rather bored to sit down and gather my thoughts… instead its a telling sign of all the stress and complications that life forces upon one..

I have often wondered about the purpose behind my writing.. Of course, it feels great to come up with some nice, philosophical “stuff” and have people admire my creativity. All the appreciation that comes my way adds to the sense of achievement. Its good for the ego, you see! But I think, the main satisfaction comes from within.. and is quite intangible.. more qualitative than quantitave… it can come simply from the thrill of writing something…all the inward process that goes into it, all that scope and its awesome variety… it comes from the joy in seeing the “finished product”, along with the severe bouts of self criticism.

What I mean to say is, its good to have people tell me how good my work is, or how deep my writings delve into, but the reason I write, and I admit that it is the singularly most important factor, is the personal delight that I derive from my works.. My poems are basically that…they are my creations and meant for me..its good of course that people find it worthy enough to spend their valuable moments to read all those lines, but even if not a single soul gave it as much as a glance, I would still write, with as much effort as I put in now, with an equal amount of pleasure!