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To see the mighty skies through the translucence of one modest marble

Held firmly betwixt trembling fingers caked with dirt

A bottled shrine of fearful ambitions lest they recline in labyrinthine alleys of the night

Sparkle of glinting gold, that courts the startling charisma of hope…

Will it fade as fleeting dreams of impecunious lives?

Or will an epitaph be etched in ink of everlasting glory?


(Its been more than a year. Missed writing. A very happy new year to all my friends here in wonderful blogland.)

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Posted in Poetry on January 1, 2012 by The Dark Lord

I resisted when you wanted change
Unswayed I was, by the promise of new
So, holding on to the things of old
I lost you along the way..

Years went by, and change I did
Steered by the changing times
And through seasons of the old and new,
I missed you by my side..

Trudging along, down the cobbled streets
A slight limp in the aged feet
Pushed aside by the youth of new
I saw you walking by..

So here it was after eons had past
The beating of a deadened heart
The glory of some age old love
And we walked on, side by side..

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A few spoken words..

Posted in Musings, Poetry on August 28, 2011 by The Dark Lord

As the months and years fly by, and I make the transition from a student to an office employee, and the gaps between my successive blog posts get inceasingly longer I feel I fumble for words, not for lack of any, but for the torrential deluge of words, fragments, phrases, sentences, even gigantic essays, and more. The images that engender such, get more varied, confusing, blurry, at times even conflicting. Often, the chequered shades have even surpassed vocabulary.
A few days back I celebrated my 24th birthday which, like many times before, remained witness to a lot of resolutions. One, relevant to this blog, was to write more and I truely hope I’ll be able to honour that, at least for some time! Here’s a short poetic attempt, in response to the One Single Impression weekly prompt, after a really, really long time!

In the silence of day
I walk you through my wheat field
Where spoken words mean so less
And you convey through expressive eyes
That glow with candour
At the golden harvest

Hollow Scapes..

Posted in Poetry on March 27, 2011 by The Dark Lord

Hold on to me
Through layers that bind
Sweaty palms that threaten to slip
Tears of pain glistening in kohl rimmed eyes
Pale shadows of doubt that menacingly waver
Pierced by spoken words laced with sarcasm
‘Where the night ends, why doesn’t the day begin?’,
You question and I hear –
A despair that keeps warmth at bay..

Throwing away your bottled fears
And shattered dreams of years past that lay forgotten
Trampled by merciless time
Scattered and blown by powerful winds from the desert
That move giant dunes with disdain
You survive and live to tell the tale of another day

Hand in hand we walk towards a new dawn
In search of a new world where days might be longer
To rest peacefully under the cool shade of a leafy bough
Stare with silent wonder at a beautiful sunset
That nurtures dormant desires with multicoloured hues
A whiff of what could have been, of what can be
Before night swallows the nascent dreams
And hand in hand we will walk again under a starry night
In search of a new day…

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Posted in Poetry on January 2, 2011 by The Dark Lord

Standing alone at brink of dawn
With lonely shadow for company
Wistful eyes, for what had been
Through winds of change, never more shall be

The distant din at midnight hour
When people laugh, when people cry
Distanced by a mere few miles
Calmed at this side of night


Posted for One Single Impression. Thanks to my friend Jim for the prompt this week.


Posted in Poetry on November 14, 2010 by The Dark Lord

Echoes from the desertland
Through sands of time

Shadows of footprints
Lost in blizzards of yesteryear

Play of stratified rainbow
Blurred into shades of grey

Epiphany of my tremulous rose
Wilted under blazing sun

The days of youthful glory
Mere remnants of a wrinkled tale

Inane whisper uttered into night
Greeted by pervading silence..

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The Passing

Posted in Poetry on September 11, 2010 by The Dark Lord

The day was finally over
And the sun was setting,
Casting it’s tired glow over the darkening sky
As the dwindling rays got numbered…
It had been a long day
A colossal journey, come to an end
And night had come
Sweeping away the last strains of the golden light
O, so sweet, with the cool whisps
Of the earth’s smoke, bearing that soulful fragrance
And the silent sounds
Promising blissful slumber
In a dreamless wonderland.

Ah! But the memories do remain
Of the bygone day
And the events, and the promises
Of the deeds, fulfilled and unfulfilled
Of the playful banterings and relationships
So significant and intense
Yet, blurred with the passing evening
Silhouetted images, pushed further away
Now, mere fleeting instances
Of the sounds, and the smells
And the tender touches
Feelings which could still warm amidst the setting chill
Tugging resolutely, until finally
The day gives way to the glorified night

Leaving, but mere memories, at it’s wake…

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