After a really long time…

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Not often, when a piece of writing you come across inspires you to come out of ‘retirement’ and post again ! So here goes …


In chequered shades of tapestry
Echo with anguished cries
And soothe in pursuits of elixir

Tales of bloodshed and bravery
Over tides of time
And of captivating romances
Linger evermore

Sought in hallowed altars
And sacrifices with arcane rituals
That sway capricious souls

Epiphany of mortal rudiments
In resurgence of youthful spring
And afternoons of wintry warmth
Whisper through silence of night


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To see the mighty skies through the translucence of one modest marble

Held firmly betwixt trembling fingers caked with dirt

A bottled shrine of fearful ambitions lest they recline in labyrinthine alleys of the night

Sparkle of glinting gold, that courts the startling charisma of hope…

Will it fade as fleeting dreams of impecunious lives?

Or will an epitaph be etched in ink of everlasting glory?


(Its been more than a year. Missed writing. A very happy new year to all my friends here in wonderful blogland.)


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I resisted when you wanted change
Unswayed I was, by the promise of new
So, holding on to the things of old
I lost you along the way..

Years went by, and change I did
Steered by the changing times
And through seasons of the old and new,
I missed you by my side..

Trudging along, down the cobbled streets
A slight limp in the aged feet
Pushed aside by the youth of new
I saw you walking by..

So here it was after eons had past
The beating of a deadened heart
The glory of an age old love
And we walked on, side by side..


A few spoken words..

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As the months and years fly by, and I make the transition from a student to an office employee, and the gaps between my successive blog posts get inceasingly longer I feel I fumble for words, not for lack of any, but for the torrential deluge of words, fragments, phrases, sentences, even gigantic essays, and more. The images that engender such, get more varied, confusing, blurry, at times even conflicting. Often, the chequered shades have even surpassed vocabulary.
A few days back I celebrated my 24th birthday which, like many times before, remained witness to a lot of resolutions. One, relevant to this blog, was to write more and I truely hope I’ll be able to honour that, at least for some time! Here’s a short poetic attempt, in response to the One Single Impression weekly prompt, after a really, really long time!

In the silence of day
I walk you through my wheat field
Where spoken words mean so less
And you convey through expressive eyes
That glow with candour
At the golden harvest


Posted in Poetry on January 2, 2011 by The Dark Lord

Standing alone at brink of dawn
With lonely shadow for company
Wistful eyes, for what had been
Through winds of change, never more shall be

The distant din at midnight hour
When people laugh, when people cry
Distanced by a mere few miles
Calmed at this side of night


Posted for One Single Impression. Thanks to my friend Jim for the prompt this week.


Posted in Poetry on June 19, 2010 by The Dark Lord

Go gentle into the night
Through the magical realm of twilight
On the lap of the scented breeze
And the evening warmth
Over distant meadows and other shores
Bracing the inky darkness
Further and further away
Into murky scapes of past
A fallen angel no more

And how I long for that blessed feel
Lost on me forever
But for the pale shadows
Of fond memories…


Exam Time

Posted in Musings on March 24, 2010 by The Dark Lord

I haven’t been blogging for a “really” long while, now.. and this time I can safely say, its due to the exam time blues! I’m now into my Final Semester Engineering Exams, the last of the lot, which caps a rather difficult (and interesting) four year long journey. During my school days, I had always aspired to be an engineer, and This Is Finally It, I guess. Actually, its difficult to comprehend, maybe, it’ll sink in once the examinations are over. I’ve been thinking of writing a sort of a “look-back” entry on my journey to and through Engineering college, these last four years. Maybe it’ll happen once the exams are done with..

Meanwhile, I guess I’m missing out on all the action here in blogland. I really, really miss blogging, and I hope to get back to it once I’m through with this. Friends, don’t forget me!!


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Dark alleys, murky lanes
The crossroads of destination
Amidst bustling humanity
Confusing crowds, conflicting emotions
Screeching tyres and honking bells
Conjuring an assembled chaos
A civilized melee…
Concrete walls with damped patches
Darkened by smoke and smog
Pale rays of the tired sun
Streaming in, with swirling dust
Meekly suspended in thick stale air
Ringing with murmured dispair

December Awards, 2009

Posted in Musings on December 31, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Another year comes to an end, and we stare at the dawn of a new year. I think this time is an interesting blend of the old and the new, when we try to recapture the passing and blurry moments from the last year, while looking forward to a new beginning, in many more ways than one.  It has been in this last year that I mainly started blogging, my blog now being a little more than a year old. The journey, as I had once mentioned earlier, has been remarkable, specially due to the many acquaintances that I’ve made. People, immensely talented, with prodigious writing skills, whose blogs are simply a delight to visit, and read. Considering my limited abilities, it has been even more remarkable (and humbling) to find such people of enhanced calibre taking time out to read and comment on my blog. The awards, that have come my way, therefore, are treasured, and cherished. I use this instance to accept, and to “re-award” the same, to some of my favourite bloggers… Here goes!!

On September 19, 2009, I was awarded the “Fabulous Blog Award” by Nila, from “Azure Depths“. She’s a hugely talented writer with a very engaging style. One can really relate to her posts, which deal with topics that strike nearer home.

On 24th September, 2009, Avada Kedavra from “Evanescent Thoughts“, gifted me the “Stylish Blogger Award”. What strikes out most is the variety that she puts into her writing… you couldn’t possibly classify her into any one particular genre. Her blog is a delightful “virtual” place to loose yourself in, with a colorful vista of engaging, interesting and intriguing articles. 

On 10th October, 2009, Danielle from “Me,” granted me the “Kreative Blogger Award”. A writer, who is elegance, personified.. that is reflected in her compositions. A brilliant poet, whose verses never cease to enthrall – they are creations of fine art! The way her poems progress, with their inherent themes and concepts, that embrace her muse like intriguing stories, is simply mindblowing.

I must say that presenting these awards to fellow bloggers seems a lot like taking a huge liberty. I’m not sure whether I’m “qualified” enough for the same. So, from where I look at things, this is  a gesture from my side, of appreciation that I feel towards these wonderful people for sharing their work.

                Oh, and I’ve noticed there are people who don’t accept awards as a principle. So, if any of you don’t want to acknowledge the awards, it is perfectly o.k. and please don’t think I’ll take any offence for it! This is totally voluntary!    

                Uhmmmmm, so now, (in synch with a virtual, “standing ovation”, and zealous “clapping”)…..
 1. The “FABULOUS BLOG” Award goes to :-
     (a) Val B. Russel, from “Words“. Her mature, insightful and colorful writing makes her blog one helluva place to visit. Her writing has a certain flair and flow which incites one to read, and read on!
     (b) Danielle, from “Me,“. Ah, to be able to compose such wistful, alluring poetry with exquisite imagery! Her blog is a “must-visit”.. and you’ll become an instant fan!
     (c) Jaymie, from “Jaymie Thorne’s Personal Musings“. She really makes the “words” flow.. like nature’s own gushing stream, as I once told her.. You’ll know what I mean, once you visit her Fabulous Blog!
2. The “STYLISH BLOGGER” Award goes to :-
      (a) Lorraine, from “Tell Me What’s On Your Mind“. The photos she puts up in this blog have a “voice” of their own.. They speak to you, compel you to perceive them in your own, creative way.. An unique talent, an unique style… truely, excellence, personified.
      (b) Shraddha, from “The Self Love Project“. Content, Class, Style… the works. You name it, her blog has it. Another must visit. Go see for yourself, and you’ll be hooked for ever!

      (c) Sam, from “Sam I Am (Not)“. She’s one who feels the elusive clairvoyant vibes, and they caress her compositions delightfully. You get that feeling of an “otherworldliness” when you read her verses…
3. The “CREATIVE  BLOGGER” Award goes to :-
      (a) Paul, from “Paul Wylie’s Blog“. I think the word “creative” best applies to him. Its breathtaking, the way he explores different genres, philosophies and emotions through his highly insightful poetry. Sheer brilliance, indeed! Do visit, and you will be amazed.
      (b) Lorraine, again, from “Words Flow and Stuff“. Ah, I’m a lifetime fan of those Haikus. Surely no one does it better than her!! Okay.. she had once closed the site for good, and then, had to restart it on (indignant and furious) public demand. That speaks of her creativity, talent and popularity!
      (c) Avada Kedavra, from “Evanescent Thoughts“.  The pseudonym reminds one of those delightful fictional characters from Harry Potter… her blog is no less delightful! Visit, and soak in the warmth of her immeasurable talent!
This concludes the Awards post. Have a happy, prosperous and adventurous year, 2010 ahead.


Posted in Poetry on December 5, 2009 by The Dark Lord

I hear your murmured whispers from across the seas
Your dulcet tones borne by the salty winds
That caress my ageing soul with distant memories
Of you, and the warmth of an other place, far away
That beckon after the years spent
In solitude…

Would you, then, guide my wayward vessel
Through the leagues of bottomless ocean
As I journey back through time, O enduring love
And bear me in your loving embrace
In that abode I once called
My home

Note :- Next on will be my very first, year end Awards post… Watch this Space!!


Posted in Poetry on October 25, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Do you sustain me
O elusive beauty
With memories
Of the lingering kisses
And sweet promises
Of undying love
And the traces
Of your perfume
That overwhelms
My lonely self
With your silent presence
Even when you are gone
So many miles
From my weary heart

Crystal drops

Posted in Poetry on September 24, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Abstract halos divine
Complimenting the beatific smile
Glimpses of benign faith
Tempting the arcane wraiths
Glorious, impassioned sermons
Awash with holy jargon
Pledging blissful liberation
From warped soulful oppression
The flowing billowy robes
And earnest dulcet tones
Charm the zealous minds
While rendering spirits blind
Heralding darker nights
That malign the pristine light


Posted in Poetry on August 29, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Courting solitude
Through the mirthless abyss
Abjured by capricious wooers
On treading the lonesome path
Oblivious to commiserating glances
While pursuing obscure trails
Wading across sandy shores
Tumbling through surf, onto the blue lagoon…


Wistful scapes..

Posted in Poetry on August 19, 2009 by The Dark Lord

*A poetic attempt after quite a gap.. It sure felt good, to be writing again!

White seagulls amidst grey skies
Greyish sea, one with the sky
Misty frame with widening scopes
Settling chill with salty winds
Defined by the bold masts
Of red and black, and navy blue
Belying the greenish hue..

14th August – Happy B’Day to me!!

Posted in Musings on August 13, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Its been a long 22 years, or was it all too quick?! I wonder… Profoundly insignificant from a much larger perspective, yet a wholesome entity for the self, I feel humbled as I begin to contemplate the journey which life has taken me through, till the present day. Expectedly, the path has been chequered with a variety of shades, both defined and undefined, that have contributed in their own unique ways in making me what I am, for better or for worse…

 As I coax my rather eager memory (significantly assisted by dusty pages from photo albums) far back into increasingly obscure lanes, I see quite a few distinct images of myself as a pampered toddler (being an only child), blissfully lost in the divine innocence of early years…

Yours Truely!

Yours Truely!

 I’d say, one of the most definitive ingredients to my mental buildup during my formative years was school. St. Thomas’ Boy’s, was for me, heaven on earth (though I’ll admit, the realization came in woefully late!). I remember those days when I used to loathe being woken up early and then having to tag along, rather reluctantly, with mom to school. Mom, being a teacher in the same school, it was particularly difficult for me to get away with my numerous pranks! How I long for those carefree days.. I miss the great big buildings in my school, the wide green lawns, that ancient tree which graced our sights from the classroom..beneath which was our favourite haunt during lunch breaks.. I miss our canteen which served the primary purpose of being our safe haven whenever we skipped classes, which was often! I miss gazing at the grand architecture of the church which stood high, mesmerising us with its exalted presence.. it was an embodiment of colossal strength for us, weathering many a ferocious tempest!

The School Entrance..

The School Entrance..

Our school logo.. Estd - 1789!!

Our school logo.. Estd - 1789!!

Part of the campus.. in front of the High School building!

Part of the campus.. in front of the High School building!

 I long for my mother’s touch which awoke a disgruntled me every morning, sharp at six! The twinkling sounds from clanking cutleries, which were a prelude to the mouth watering aroma that wafted out of the kitchen now seem to be elements from an altogether different world!

 Fourteen years that I spent in school, right from the nursery days flew by at an astonishing pace, as we tried to scramble along clumsily, at its wake. As if conjured out of nowhere, we found ourselves staring at “The End” of high school days.. What ensued was a mad rush to secure seats in colleges, and I found myself enrolled for an engineering course at a college, more than a thousand miles away from my home state…

 Its been more than three years since, and I find myself in the fourth and last year of college, that would complete my major. Life here has been a one of a kind experience.. away from my parents, and the safe cocoon of school, it has been quite the “struggle” for existence here.. And of course, its been marred with severe bouts of nostalgia, homesickness and repeatedly unsuccessful sessions of self discovery! Rather miserably, phonecalls from home to keep up with news back there, and the internet are the only lifelines..

 Like Dumbledore in “Harry Potter” so succinctly stated, it doesn’t do to dwell on dreams.. I could have droned on about various incidents from the years that went by.. but at present, they are best left untouched in the long drawn pages of memory.. Maybe another time!

 As I sit back and contemplate this journey of mine, I wouldn’t go on to say life has come full circle or been subjected to other such poetically profound phenomena! There have been ups and downs, a few highs and a few nasty falls.. yet, the path continues.. and I remain a zealous commuter, armed ever so often with new experiences and knowledge that add to the already bulging pile.. I don’t know where this journey will lead me to, or more importantly, what it’ll take me through.. I walk on, with hope in my heart, and a rather long “bucket list”!


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Its been quite a while since I logged in to blogland… though there aren’t any excuses for the prolonged absence, other than pure laziness, I’d like to clarify: there’s been a lot going on in my life, which, cumulatively, can become quite overwhelming at times…
     Blogging is a passion.. Its’ a significant attribute and so, I couldn’t possibly stay away from it for long.. I started my blog last December. It was inactive during the first few months.. and it was only sometime around May-June that I started becoming an avid blogger. Counting onwards from May, my blog is a mere 3 months old.. and yet, its’ been a fascinating journey.. one, that I have cherished immensely. I think the best part of blogging is to stumble upon other people’s blogs that are wholesome jewels lying randomly in the stardust of blogland. The experience is a blessing.. it is highly “educating”, to say the least!
     Along the way, I’ve made a lot of acquaintances… Other bloggers whom I’ve come to admire greatly for their varied and polished skills. Strangely, despite the “virtual” element involved, there has developed a feeling of intimacy which is much gratifying. I think it has more to do with this no-holds-bar sharing and flow of intellect and creativity, than anything else!
     To name a few such immensely talented bloggers I’ve had the good fortune to bump into… Luther J Spells, Lorraine, Jayme, Paul Wylie, Charles, the hugely talented poets who post weekly in OSI.. (Typing as the names come randomly.. Pretty sure I missed out on a few. Hope I am forgiven!) At times, it can be really humbling to consistently come across brilliant compositions that lie much higher up in the poetic radar than mine, but on second thoughts, its an honour to get to read such awesome literary treats, on such a regular basis!
     Due to my brief absence from blogland, its’ been a while since I have been to the blogs where I am an otherwise frequent visitor. My apologies. I am back to blogging, with a vengeance, to make up for lost time! Now, am off to bloghop! Happy blogging everyone!!

Inner Voice

Posted in Poetry on July 19, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Trickles in the desert
A sanguine sparkle
Blissfully impecunious
Seeping through the chasms
Lingering traces of the clairvoyant
Inner voice


Blue Rain..

Posted in Poetry on June 29, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Sitting by my window
Nose pressed into the misty pane
Blurred by the blue rain
Rivulets formed by my warm breath
I etch a portrait of my beloved
Blowing life into the mundane sketch…



Posted in Poetry on June 21, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Deep blue of the ocean
With flecks of white foam
And a silent rumble..

Violet sky with velvet layers
Of impregnated clouds

Meeting at the distant horizon
Rejoicing over the tranquil assimilation…


Writing for the “self”…

Posted in Musings on May 4, 2009 by The Dark Lord

Its been so long since I last wrote to “myself”… To let go of all facades, of what other people might think about, about the repurcussions of my actions, and basically to feign something or someone which I am not! It is not because I was fed up with writing, or simply rather bored to sit down and gather my thoughts… instead its a telling sign of all the stress and complications that life forces upon one..

I have often wondered about the purpose behind my writing.. Of course, it feels great to come up with some nice, philosophical “stuff” and have people admire my creativity. All the appreciation that comes my way adds to the sense of achievement. Its good for the ego, you see! But I think, the main satisfaction comes from within.. and is quite intangible.. more qualitative than quantitave… it can come simply from the thrill of writing something…all the inward process that goes into it, all that scope and its awesome variety… it comes from the joy in seeing the “finished product”, along with the severe bouts of self criticism.

What I mean to say is, its good to have people tell me how good my work is, or how deep my writings delve into, but the reason I write, and I admit that it is the singularly most important factor, is the personal delight that I derive from my works.. My poems are basically that…they are my creations and meant for me..its good of course that people find it worthy enough to spend their valuable moments to read all those lines, but even if not a single soul gave it as much as a glance, I would still write, with as much effort as I put in now, with an equal amount of pleasure!